North Texas Lakes fuel demand in North Texas Real Estate

When I was kid my earliest memory was out camping with my dad. In those days tents were a little more rudimentary, camper vans ill-equipped and the need for a lake nearby a necessity. As it were my dad new North Texas land and its numerous lakes inside out and I have never had the memory of a camping site without a lake lapping lazily nearby in the morning.

These days camping tends to be a lot more civilized but you still cannot beat a North Texas lake when it comes to creating a sense of serenity and the impression that all is right with the world, which is why perhaps North Texas lake properties are going through the roof in terms of demand.

Working for a real estate magazine I guess I have come to know the land of Texas as a whole a lot more intimately than I had as a child. Names which, however, would be little more than blue dots on a map, such as Lady Bird Lake, Lake Waco, Lake Whitney and Lake Texoma conjure up those easy, carefree days when, as a kid, all I had to do was get out of the tent in the morning and wash my face in the lake.

We live, I guess, in different times. The world has grown both more complex and more dangerous, both domestically and through threats from abroad. And yet, the sense that the world is right and much better than it is, is still conjured up by the might of North Texas lakes with tremendous ease.

If you are out looking for a great place to camp the Texas Outside website gives you a lot of help in organizing your trip as does the North Texas camping directory. Camping, of course, is something that has often led to the purchase of a lakeside property in Texas which is what is driving the Texas property boom.

At Texas Real Estate magazine we draw over 5,000 visitors each month looking for a Texas property to purchase. The majority of these visitors are from within Texas but we also get visitors from California, Florida and New York as well as some from as far afield as the UK, India and Australia.

My dad used to say that a ‘North Texas lake is the best place in the world to camp or build a home,” I guess he was more than right, what he could not have foreseen is just how much the rest of the world would agree with him.

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