Texas Hill Country Guide

For any city dweller living in San Antonio or Austin or even San Marcos and New Braunfels the Texas Hill Country is full of the kind of mystique you find only in films or ‘escape to the Hill Country’ books.

Within a short time’s drive out of the city’s suburbs you are in Central Texas territory your eyes feasting on rolling, rugged hills the kind of which Hollywood cameramen love to let the camera pan upon.

There are very specific reasons however for the mystique. The Texas Hill Country has everything you may want of a terrain. The surrounding hills come with their share of caverns and caves which make it exciting as a day out spent exploring. The Colorado River runs through it as do both the Llano and the Pedemales and then there is the sense of peace that can only be experienced when you are there.

The Texas Hill Country has a unique sense of atmosphere and culture. Out of the exotic melange of Spanish, Czech, German, Swiss and Austrian rose a culture which is uniquely Central Texan and separate from Texas’ Southern and Southewestern influences. The food, the music, the lifestyle, they all combine to form an experience that accounts for much of the Texas Hill Country’s popularity with Texans as well as out-of- Staters.

For those who seek neither much adventure in the Central Texas rolling hills nor much of nature in the Central Texas rivers the Hill Country has another attraction: its thriving wine industry.

The Texas wine industry has become a talking point in quality restaurants across the USA and in the Hill Country you are within striking distance of many of the vineyards which produce the much talked about Texas wine labels.

In terms of Real Estate value the Texas Hill Country is unique. An exotic, unique culture, hills and rivers and wineries, all combine to raise Texas Hill Country property values in a way that other areas of the US can only dream about.

The sprawling landscape I studded with Texas Hill Country farms and the inevitable (since we are in Texas) Texas Hill Country ranches. City dwellers striking out for a day or even a few days’ break can find excellent information about the Texas Hill Country here.

Those looking to sample some famed Texas Hill Country wines should check out our Texas Wine Trail guide. Finally for some high quality real estate in the Texas Hill Country just check out our Hill Country listings or do a search on our website.

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