Northeast Texas

Northeast Texas is geographically centered on two metropolitan areas along Interstate 20. Tyler, which is to the west and Longview / Marshall to the east. Mount Pleasant, Greenville, Paris, and Texarkana in the north and Nacogdoches / Lufkin area, Palestine and Jacksonville to the south are also major cities within this region.  Its’ climate is warmer and wetter than most of Texas and its geography is more hilly and forested. If it is green, it will grow in Northeast Texas. The Sabine River is the major river in Northeast Texas, and flows through Longview as well as other cities. The Red River flows from Grayson County to Bowie County forming its northern border with Southeast Oklahoma and portions of Arkansas.   Its culture is somewhat like that of Southeast Texas, but does not have as much of a Cajun influence. This region of Texas is unique in that Dallas/Fort Worth or any other metropolitan city does not influence it. On its own, Northeast Texas is a small part of Texas Farm and Ranches, and real close to heaven. Just come find you some at                                             

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