What’s that, and for what reason? Well, there seems to be some buying activity going on, and it appears to be the kind that results in sales, real offers are being made and real closings are happening. Is that enough reason for optimism?

OK, lets not get over optimistic but from our vantage point we know that our customers are seeing stronger buyer interest that is resulting in action, and, its fairly early so we are concluding that there is eagerness on the part of buyers to get out of the blocks quickly this year and to act on some opportunity sooner as opposed to later. The fact is that since Christmas we have seen the interest level exceed anything we have witnessed for the same time period as compared to the last two years. And we are hearing and seeing sales being made at a rate that we have not witnessed in some time. So, are we excited, you bet!

I am not going to worry about questioning why it appears buyers are back, I am just grateful that they are, shoot I am not even going to ask any of them how long they will be staying because I don’t want to jinx what’s happening. Let’s just say I want to stay optimistic and enjoy what is just beginning with the hopes that it will last all year, at least.

What to do about it? First, get your selling britches out and hope they still fit. Get your marketing in line with what you have that is saleable, and get it out in front of them ASAP. And above all, stay optimistic!

Good luck and good selling.

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