Buyers want the truth

And, I will admit they are not too picky about where they find the truth, just as long as they know it does exist and that they can gain access to it!

What am I talking about?

One of our sales rep’s had a conversation last week with a former customer who he called regarding a really nice ranch for sale that the broker had listed on one of the well known websites for ranches and acreage. The conversation started out great especially when the person he was visiting with reminded our rep that the ranch in question was one they had previously sold about three years ago to a buyer who found the ranch in our magazine.

Hey, it doesn’t get much better than this for a prospective sale to take place, right?

The contact agreed to get with the broker and discuss placing the ranch back in TRE and asked our rep to call back two days later. With order book in hand, our rep followed up with the contact two days later as requested only to find out that the answer was no, the broker wasn’t interested in putting the ranch back in TRE because the seller wasn’t really interested or serious about selling the ranch. Say, what?

The truth? Buyers are looking for the truth, the real deals, properties that are priced right and or represent opportunity for the buyer, either by price, amenities or availability. Serious buyers, the ones that are ready to act and are currently out looking at properties, are looking for the truth. The truth that what they see, what they are presented, is credible and has the ability and desire to be sold.  It’s that simple and it is why the best buyers use our product and why our customers are selling what can and needs to be sold, and, we can prove it.

Why do buyers find TRE more credible than the Internet only websites? Because what credible broker or agent is going to buy a $200.00 – $300.00+ ad and not put something in it that they believe is saleable?

Good luck and good selling.

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