David Carpenter

Carpenter Ranch Sales


David Carpenter grew up in Central Texas as a 5th generation Texan. His career and Compass the electronics Industry with Texas Instruments and Mil-Rep Associates as Global Account Manager for Austin and San Antonio. He then opened Strategic OEM Sales, Inc., focusing solely on Dell computer. He married Mabel in 1981. They have two children, Marissa and Kirk. Kirk was a big factor and David buying his first Ranch. He found the hunting and ranching was a great way to build a strong family bond. There's an ethic of hard work and honesty that just seems to come with land ownership. 10 years ago, David bought his first ranch were he honed his skills for doing major improvements and added value to his property giving rise to a Ranch Enhancement Ventures which became a full-time endeavor. Since then, 7 additional ranches between 110 and 866 Acres were purchased in the central Texas area, all of which gave David a unique perspective to offer to his clients, both from the buying and selling side of the transaction. He also possesses a unique understanding of land values and the potential value of Highly improved properties. David and Maybelle currently live in Horseshoe Bay.


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