Sharon Hodnett

Keller Williams


There are a lot of moving parts to a real estate transaction. No one knows that better than Sharon Hodnett and her Team. Team Hodnett was formed in 2000 and operates through Keller Williams Realty in Southlake, Texas — the number one Keller Williams office in the area and number two in the entire company. Currently, Team Hodnett ranks number three in the office of 650 agents, and is Dallas/Fort Worth’s most innovative real estate team. “Keller Williams is unlike any other company I have worked for, “ says Hodnett, “and we have adopted their culture of complete teamwork. Everyone helps one another. We are like a big family, and we share knowledge and experience.” The training throughout the office and within the team is second to none, she continues. “We share our real life situations to help further the education of each member. Our mission is to help as many people as possible who are trusting us with what is most likely the biggest purchase of their lives. We know it can be difficult to navigate the tricky waters of real estate. Our mission is to make that easier and also to make lifelong relationships that we can cherish for years to come. We want our clients to know how much we care. If we take great care of our clients, they will take great care of us! Team Hodnett’s Unparalleled Customer Service At Team Hodnett, excellent customer service involves promptly returning phone calls, texts and emails, as well as researching and answering clients’ questions, all to help them make the most informed decision possible. And, if there is a miscommunication or misunderstanding, phone calls or face-to-face meetings are a priority to ensure all issues are solved. “Prompt attention to a client’s needs is paramount,” says Hodnett. “We want to be able to sell their home years from now, so we offer sound advice that will help them and protect them,” she says. “We are accountable for what we do. We know that the advice we offer can really affect our clients now and in the future.” That level of customer service is not possible without a dedicated team focused on providing customers the best possible experience. “I like to compare our team to a bicycle spoke,” says Hodnett. “Each member is a very important spoke in the wheel. Without each talented member of our team, the wheel would not function properly. Talented individuals are what make any company great, and our company is no different.” Satisfied Clients Speak Out Team Hodnett is fortunate to have created a large base of referral business, thanks to its many satisfied clients. “Our clients appreciate the customer service, knowledge and way that we conduct our business,” says Hodnett. “There are many happy clients, and they do us a great honor by referring their family, friends and business associates to our team.” “In the past year we have had the opportunity to sell a $725,000 house and a $475,000 rental house with Sharon and then buy one for $280,000 in our process to down size and reinvest,” says Leslie C. “Sharon was always prompt in her responses. There were many times that I thought I was wearing her phone and email out. She never once treated me as if we were an inconvenience. In fact, we were surprised just how fast she did respond, even when I knew she was out of town on vacation.” “Her knowledge of the housing market is up to date,” says Pat A. “We looked at properties from Johnson County to Denton County, and no matter where we looked she knew the vicinity and its value. We would look online and see two or three houses in an area that we would like to see. Sharon would get us in that day or evening to see the houses. Usually she would be the one that would show us.” "In the past nine years Sharon has listed and sold five homes for me…. She is a remarkable realtor! Each of my homes sold quickly and at or near list price,” says Anne F. “Whether she was selling my $200,000 home or my $2 million home, she provided the same great service…. Sharon is just as happy to list and sell a $100k house as a $5 million house. She knows how to work with buyers and their realtors across the spectrum of price ranges. Sharon is a great negotiator and always works with other realtors and appraisers to ensure that our homes sell for top dollar. Sharon is confident and able to convey what adds value to a property. We have NEVER been disappointed in the sales price she has achieved for us, regardless of the price range. “Sharon also sold a townhouse and house for my daughter and a townhouse for a friend. Both townhouses sold for more than the appraised value. My daughter and friend were very pleased with Sharon…. I cannot recommend Sharon Hodnett strongly enough!”


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