Because I am not from Texas to me the state is even more magical than usual and I can well understand its big attraction. Texas has produced some of the best known names in the fields of letters, science and entertainment. It is the place where US presidents come to unwind and “mess around on the farm”, Hollywood celebrities from Kevin Costner to George Clooney have a ranch and ordinary folk go after recreational properties that allow them to chill out on the weekends hunting and fishing and doing all those things we associate with a fun lifestyle.

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East Texas!

Do you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big city life? Well look no further than the beautiful properties of East Texas. If it’s to own your spot to go hiking, hunting, or fishing on one of the many East Texas Lakes or that dream piece of East Texas Farm & Ranch Property. Look in Texas Real Estate magazine to find that one of many East Texas or Northeast Realtors to help your dream come true!

If you need to maximize your investment dollars regarding real estate you should strongly consider East Texas. In general, East Texas Properties offer a great value in today’s Texas Real Estate market by most comparisons. Whether you are looking for Texas Hunting Land, Texas Ranch Land or Texas Farm Land you will find some very attractive and overlooked opportunities within the listings for East Texas Properties on the Texas Real Estate magazine web site. We all know that one aspect of the enjoyment of owning  Texas Real Estate is the assurance that our investments will appreciate in value. Nowhere in Texas is this more true than in East Texas Properties as the land rush that many other parts of the state have seen over the last several years are just now beginning for East Texas

Take a few minutes to explore the listings for East Texas Properties, you will find a large and very diverse selection of some very high quality properties with prices that reflect the hidden opportunities that await you in East Texas. Once you have made some picks make plans to visit the various areas of interest as you could miss the best part of East Texas; meeting the people who live there. 

You want to know why Texas is the perfect place to be in the summertime.  Well one of the reasons is because of our beautiful Texas lakes.  Proctor Lake is a nice fishing and boating lake in Central Texas. It has four federal parks of 250 acres each for camping, fishing, boating and an 18 hole golf course. It is located on the Sabanna and Leon Rivers in Comanche County, 100 miles Southwest of Ft. Worth.   Towns near by are Proctor, Comanche, De Leon and Dublin. So if you decide that Central Texas is the place for you, check out the properties listed in our Texas Real Estate Magazine, or on our website at  There you will find knowledgeable realtors that can help you find the perfect place to call home.  


Lamar County

Take all the great things about summer for any Texan, roll them all together and put it in one place, and you have Lamar County Texas. Lamar County, located in the most Northeastern part of Texas, is surrounded by lakes; piney woods, small communities, and metropolitan life close by. If you’re looking to find that special place to relax, Lamar County holds it all. Paris, located in Lamar County, was selected best small town in Texas a few years back, and it’s easy to see why. Paris has taken great pride in restoring its magnificent past, and the architecture of the town is all a result of the devastating fire of 1916. When the town was burned to the ground, all new construction resulted in the look that is now Paris. The buildings are sturdy but elegant, and give the town great charm. So if you’re looking for a new getaway, or somewhere you can observe great architecture in a small town setting, head to Lamar County, they’ll be waiting on you.

Are you looking for a place to hang your hat in North Texas or Southern Oklahoma where you can stretch out without bumping into your neighbor, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful Texas land, lakes and sky? Do you also want to be near one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States? Well look no further than the North Texas-Southern Oklahoma area and Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma straddles the Texas-Oklahoma borders and is the 12th largest Corps of Engineers Lake with surface area spreading over 89,000 acres on the Red River and Washita River. Attracting approximately 6 million visitors each year for some of the best wind surfing, sailing, boating experiences along with being one of the premier fishing lakes in the Southern United States. The lake, stocked with striped bass, black bass, white bass, crappie and some of the largest catfish in the world, is only about an hours drive north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Bluebonnets, scissortail and mesquite leaves all indicate it is time to once again get ready for Texas in the Spring and Summer. Along with the warmer weather you may also feel the call of the Texas Lakes and maybe this is the year to find the perfect Texas Lake Property.

No other state offers the diversity in Lake Property, with rugged outcroppings with cliff views to the slopping shorelines that every boater dreams of, Texas Lakes have just about everything you could want or imagine. Texas Lake Properties are in abundance and offer some great pricing opportunities depending on your desires. Texas Lake Property buyers have a lot of choices especially when you consider the vast number of lakes that have been created in Texas over the last 50 years. Texas anglers also have a very wide variety of lakes to call home that have well maintained restocking and fish management programs to ensure that the lakes provide consistent fishing results.

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In Henderson County, you will find Seven Points, Texas. The unique convergence of Highways 334, 274, FM 85 and Pritchett, Kelly and Veterans Lanes gives this growing city its appealing name. Located roughly 54 miles southeast of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Seven Points is considered the “Gateway to Cedar Creek Lake”. Located directly across Cedar Creek Lake you will find another uniquely named town, Gun Barrel City, Texas where fishing is more of a lifestyle than a recreation. The town takes its name from a former road, Gun Barrel Lane, now state hwy 198, due to it being “straight as a gun barrel”. Cedar Creek Lake is the fourth largest lake in Texas making it perfect for boating and fishing. Other towns located near the lake are Kemp, Mabank, and Eustace just to name a few. So if boating or fishing is in your future, grab a Texas Real Estate Magazine and I guarantee you will find the perfect place to dock your boat!

Honestly, Texas is the greatest place to be in the spring and summer. The wildflowers that grow abundantly in every nook and cranny of the Texas soil are a magnificent sight. Driving through any part of Texas during this time will take your breathe away. East Texas Lakes offer world class fishing and water sports for the whole family.  The Hill Countries abundant wildlife and rolling hills of luscious blue bonnets and Indian Paintbrushes can make anyone want to stay forever. Or you can travel to a metropolitan area such as the metroplex and enjoy the city life, from concerts, amusement parks, and museums there is something for everyone. Maybe this spring or summer will be the time to invest in that perfect piece of recreational property for you and your family. Load up everyone on that long overdue road trip, and enjoy a big Texas adventure; you could just find a place to stay a while.