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Davis Homestead Ranch...

Davis Homestead Ranch
Details: $1,457,500 · Acreage · Bangs
Property ID#: 17095 Listing Status: Available

Agent: Cade Richmond - Richmond Real Estate, Keller Williams Broker

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Listing Information

550 acres of ranch land in Brown County, Bangs Texas.  This is the first time the  Davis Homestead Ranch has  EVER been offered for public sale.  The prime ranch land is part of the original Davis Family descendants.  The current ranching practices include water and soil conservation, as well as, close guidance from the Texas Resource Conservation Service for sustaining plant and animal populations.  Native grasses have been expertly managed for optimum growth to provide forage for wildlife and livestock grazing.

Features and Activities

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Improvements: 8-strand barbed wire fencing along parameter and cross fencing, less than ten years old. The excellent fencing allows for grazing of cattle, sheep, goats and horses. There is also a panel working pen setup for livestock management.

Grasses: The ranch owners have supplemented native grass populations for optimum production that provide food, habitat and protect from erosion. Grass varieties include Sideoats Grama, Wilma Love grass, WW-B. Dahl (Old World Bluestem) and Kleingrass are presently maintained. Additionally, a cool season grass mix has recently been planted. There is a 30 acre field of improved Coastal Bermuda for hay production.

Wood: The wooded portion of the property has mature Post Oak and Live Oak standings. Dry and seasonal creeks run through the wooded areas and cool season grass mixes are planted in the shady areas. Heavy hard wood areas provide coverage for wildlife such as whitetail deer, turkey, dove, quail, feral hogs and other native Texas game.

Water: The original homestead water well and windmill are still used today. The Artesian stone reservoir has been modernized and now holds 1500 gallons of water, powered by a solar pump that produces 2 gallons per minute of water. 4 stock tanks are present, 3 of which have catfish and bass. Recent water management practices have increased the bodies of water's ability to maintain large volumes of water. The ranch's water supplies are great for wildlife and livestock through historic and recent periods of drought.

Minerals: Family owns all minerals and is willing to negotiate and convey a portion with additional terms.

History: The property has a Turn of the Century rustic wood barn, the visible remains of the original homestead site and a windmill and Artesian water reservoir built by the homestead family.

Income Potential: The property currently runs cattle for the owners' ranching operation and generates income from leasing the property for outside recreational use. Additional income information is available upon request.


500 County Road Bangs Texas


Cade Richmond

Richmond Real Estate, Keller Williams Broker



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