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One of the Most Scenic Ranches in Throckmorton County, Excellent Cattle & Hunting...

One of the Most Scenic Ranches in Throckmorton County, Excellent Cattle & Hunting
Details: $3,918,210 · Acreage · Texas - TX
Property ID#: 47052 Listing Status: Price Reduced

Agent: Blake Hortenstine - Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC

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Listing Information

General Description: The 2991+/- acre Twin Canyons Ranch is one of the most scenic and majestic cattle and recreational ranches in Throckmorton County. It is part of the historic Xs ranch featuring some of the most breathe taking views and vast landscapes in the Rolling Plains. This ranch is very secluded and features impressive ridgelines through the northern 1/3 of the ranch. Land varies from extreme elevation changes to rolling bluestem country with deeper soils. There are Twin Canyons in the SW portion of the property known as Hog Canyon and Wildcow Canyon. Improvements are minimal other than six stock tanks, a good system of all-weather roads, and a 42-acre trap with steel working pens and scales. This property features big views, large neighboring ranches and some of the best whitetail deer hunting in Throckmorton County.

LocationTwin Canyons is very remote and secluded. It is approximately 20 miles from highway 380 with the last 6.3+/- miles being an all-weather easement road. Access could be improved if purchaser was interested in buying the 10,298 acre Comanche Crest Ranch located north of the subject property that is currently For Sale. See details below.

Property History:  Ross Sloan purchased 24,000+ acres from the Reynolds family in 1940 after the depression. The Reynolds family was instrumental in settling this area and its heirs still own the Lambshead Ranch in Shackelford and Throckmorton Counties. The 24,000 acre Xs Ranch is a portion of the original 250,000 acres the Reynolds family purchased. The Xs Ranch was later divided between Sloan family members. The subject 3,019 acre Twin Canyons Ranch is the NE portion of the northern 11,341+/- acres still owned by the Sloan family.


From Throckmorton: Go west on US Highway 380 for approximately 21 miles until Red Creek Road. Turn left or south on Red Creek Road and go 5+/- miles until it intersects with Loop Road. Go left or east on Loop Road for 7+/- miles until the entrance to the Sloan Xs Ranch is on your left at a hard 90 degree turn. This is private property and Broker will meet you at this gate. The future entrance of the Twin Canyons Ranch is 6.3+/- miles from the Xs gate on Loop Road. The easement road is all-weather and in very good condition being maintained by the O&G company. The drive is very scenic crossing Paint Creek and meandering through the rugged landscape.

From Haskell: Take US Highway 380 east of Haskell until you reach FM 618. Turn Left (or South) on FM 618 and travel 3.8 miles to FM 2082 (which turns into Loop Road). Turn left on FM 2082 and travel 11.3 miles to the main entrance gate to the Sloan Xs Ranch. Property is 6.3+/- miles from the Xs entrance on Loop Road and accessed by a future easement.

Interior Roads: There is an excellent system of all-weather roads that run the length of the ranch and throughout the interior. Access is good to excellent around most parts of the ranch. In bad weather conditions the majority of the roads would allow for easy travel if needed.

Terrain: The terrain of Twin Canyons Ranch is consistent with that of the Throckmorton area and the greater eastern Rolling Plains region of Texas. Large hilltops roll into deep canyons, covered with mixed brush and mature mesquite trees. There is a large ridgeline along the northern portion of the ranch that features impressive views.  Elevation ranges from 1,720’ above sea level at the cattle pens to 1,500’ at the southwest corner of the property in Hog Canyon. Total elevation change is over 200 feet. Spectacular views of the surrounding West Texas landscape can be enjoyed from the high points of the ranch. Ridgelines, draws, and rolling terrain allow the rancher, hunter or wildlife photographer to appreciate this unique property.

Surface Water: There are 6 (six) stock tanks scattered throughout the property. The largest of these tanks is approximately 2-3 acres in size when full.  The other 5 (five) tanks are smaller, but sufficient for watering cattle and wildlife. Water levels will fluctuate depending upon the amount of rainfall, but all the tanks are currently holding water.

Trees and Browse: Tree cover consists primarily of mesquite, hackberry, bumelia, and a few cedar trees. Browse and brush species beneficial to wildlife are lotebush, catclaw, elbowbush, lime prickly ash, and skunkbush. There is also prickly pear cactus and other plants common to the area.

Wildlife/ Hunting: Whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, quail, dove, feral hogs, and varmints such as coyotes and bobcats can be found on the property. Deer hunting is excellent, with large neighboring ranches on all sides. This ranch and its neighbors are known for some of the largest deer in Throckmorton County.  It is typical for trophy bucks to be in the 150-170 B&C class with an occasional buck scoring over 170+ B&C. Quail have been lightly hunted and habitat is good with healthy populations of quail when conditions are right. There are also very good populations of turkey with exceptional spring turkey hunting.

Grasses: Twin Canyons Ranch is home to a variety of native grasses beneficial to cattle and wildlife. Grasses include little bluestem, sideoats grama, indiangrass, sandhill lovegrass, big bluestem, Texas wintergrass, eastern gamagrass, and curly mesquite.

Cattle: This is a productive cattle ranch with a carrying capacity of 90 to 120 animal units. It is common in this area for ranchers to stock the land with one animal unit per 25 acres. Wildlife managers would likely recommend one animal unit per 35 acres. The soils are conducive for wildlife food plots and cultivation on the higher ground and there is also good pastureland in the lower elevations.

FencesPerimeter and cross fences are in average to excellent condition and all existing fencing will turn cattle. Existing fences are a combination of steel posts and cedar posts with different stretches of each. There is no fence on the south and west sides of the ranch since the 2991+/- acres is being cut out of 11,341 acres. A new fence being 6.25+/- miles will need to be built and the neighbors are agreeable to cost share this expense. A few cattle guards and typical pasture gap gates currently provide access throughout the property. When the new fence is built there will be 3 (three) primary pastures being 1582, 935, and 460+/- acres with a 42-acre trap.

Cattle PensLivestock pens are made with steel pipe and are in excellent condition. There are two storage buildings in the pens and a Howe Richardson scale with a 20-ton capacity for weighing livestock. Grazing tenant has a water system consisting of a holding tank, 3 water tubs, and a generator for pumping water from a large nearby stock tank.

Neighbors: Twin Canyons is surrounded by large neighbors. There are 4 neighbors, two of which are over 10,000+ acres. Comanche Crest Ranch is north, YL Ranch is east and the Xs Ranch is to the west and south.  Twin Canyons is located in the heart of some of the biggest ranch country Throckmorton County has to offer. All of these ranches boast large cattle operations and exceptional hunting.

Utilities: Fort Belknap Electric Cooperative provides electricity to the neighboring property, but there is currently no electricity to this ranch. Ground water in this area is spotty and rural water is too far away. A water catchment system or fresh water hauling are the best options for household water. A generator could provide power or an electric line easement and extension would have to be obtained from a neighboring property.

Easements/ Pipelines: There is a pipeline and right-of-way that will be utilized as the southern boundary of the property. This pipeline has little to no impact on the ranch and will provide excellent access along the south boundary of the ranch when the new fence is completed.

Roadway EasementThe property can be accessed by a future roadway easement that would be 6.3+/- miles through the Sloan Xs Ranch. The Xs Ranch is prepared to give an easement for access to the Twin Canyons Ranch, if necessary.

Wind EnergyOwner has 100% of the wind rights. There are no wind turbines in close proximity to the ranch.

Minerals: There are no minerals being offered. An oil and gas lease with North Texas Oil & Gas is active with 3 producing locations. NTOG installed an all-weather interior road system which greatly enhances the property. There is a second lease affecting the far SW portion of the property with a couple wells.

LeasesThe grazing rights are currently leased by the adjoining landowner to the south. Hunting rights are leased to a small group that leases the entire 11,341+/- acre Xs Ranch. The hunting group practices wildlife management and takes good care of the ranch.

Taxes:  Property is agriculturally exempt. Annual estimated property taxes are approximately $3000-3500.

Blake Hortenstine, 214-616-1305 mobile, blake@hrcranch.com

Jack Fauntleroy, 940-550-4432 mobile, jack@hrcranch.com

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Unnamed Road, Throckmorton, TX 76483, USA

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