Texas Hill Country real estate and working in the heart of real estate in Texas

There is one serious downside working for Texas Real Estate magazine, and that is that the moment I am out with my family and let the fact slip out I am surrounded by diners, friends and friends of friends eager to pump for advice.

Real Estate, these days is a hot topic, and none is hotter than Texas Real Estate which, in terms of investment performance, has managed to perform significantly above average and against the downward trend we have experienced in the rest of the country.

Which makes it all the more worthwhile to actually check out why. Why should Texas be so different? OK, flippant answer here of course (and the question sometimes begs it) is that as the Lone Star State is the best place in the world to buy a house, make your home, find a recreational property, own a ranch, run a farm, buy a hunting property to entertain big wheel City friends and, generally, is for many the epitome of the American Dream, then it should come as no surprise that Texas Realtors have seen little slowdown in their business.

My flippant answers, as it happens, is not far from the truth. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and none is this more so than in real estate. And if you are looking for the kind of property that provides it all: hill country, rivers, lakes, flat land, recreational capability, hunting, investment potential and the ability to have a ranch or a farm which the likes the rest of the world can only dream about then Texas land in general and the Texas Hill Country in particular offer all of these.

It is because of all these factors, really, that interest in Texas Real Estate has rarely slowed down. It is because of all these factors as well that interest in Texas land tends to be more genuine than in the rest of the country and thus not readily given to trends and fads. Sure, out of State investors and Texas land buyers are always there and eager to find bargains to snap up in the books of Texas Realtors, but what really keeps the Texas real estate market afloat and buoyant is the fact that there are many genuine home buyers and land buyers interested in buying a home first and an investment property second.

To them what really matters is the fact that the Texas land they buy is right for their needs and the needs of their families and that is what is really important.

All of which brings me neatly to the point that working for Texas Real Estate magazine I work, in many respects, in the very heart of real estate in Texas. Seeing what Texas land, for instance, come sup for sale, where, at what prices, allows me to become instantly aware of trends and runs in the Texas real estate market long before they become evident to the casual observer.

There is, at the moment, for example, tremendous interest in Texas Hill Country properties and Texas Lake properties and this is backed with the many, many holiday makers coming out of San Antonio and Austin who spend year after year having a great time with their families in Texas Lakes or the Texas Hill Country attractions and then think seriously about buying a second property in the area or even, selling up a city home and moving somewhere a little more rural in pursuit of a better quality of life.

This is why a subscription to one or both of the Texas Real Estate magazine editions covering the latest real estate in almost all of Texas is invaluable. At a glance you can see what is happening to property prices and Texas land values and you can then make better decisions regarding your own Texas real estate interest. Beyond that, if you already own some Texas land, you can appraise the trends that govern its value, you can see what is happening in your area in terms of interest and you can keep an eye on your investment and the equity stores up in your real estate.

More than that, Texas Real Estate magazine also lets you discover Texas Realtors in most parts of Texas where quality real estate is of importance and peripheral companies which range from mortgage providers to moving companies, all for less than you might expect to fork out during an evening in the town with friends.

Is that good value? You bet it is, but then so is just about everything associated with Texas Real Estate and Texas Real Estate Magazine!

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