At Texas Real Estate Magazine we serve over 10,000 quality Texas Properties

In a relatively short time, as these things go Texas Real Estate magazine has become the pre-eminent online resource for finding real estate in the Texas Hill Country, Texas Lake properties and Texas recreational properties.

There are a number of reasons this has come about not least the fact that we are all passionate about Texas and real estate and the very fact that we are involved in it at this level makes for a really interesting time.

We get to see Texas recreational properties and their prices before the come into the market and because Texas Real Estate magazine lists, each month, over 10,000 Texas properties we also find out what the price trends are in the Texas Real Estate, which areas are hot and up and coming and which are reaching a state of saturation.

In many respects Texas Real Estate magazine is like a weather vane in real estate and it is used by many Realtors as a way to establish guidelines in property values within an area. The very fact that within our website or any of our two subscription publications you have an incredibly detailed coverage of the lands of Texas and property prices across a broad area of property types helps you tap into a vast property resource in anything that has to do with real estate in Texas.

If you are looking to sell a property in Texas this becomes one of your best guides for establishing guidelines regarding price and if you are looking to purchase a property in Texas or even some Texas land with hunting or fishing rights attached then either of our two Texas Real Estate editions becomes your instant labour-saving device, allowing you to find the correct property for your needs, fast, without too much hassle.

It is our motto that we ‘sell the best of Texas’ and the properties we list are certainly of premium value and many represent excellent investment. It is this diversity and range in the properties listed in our website and two paper editions that make us unrivalled in the depth and breadth of quality Texas properties we serve.

Because of the appeal and popularity of our website and magazines we are also a magnet for Texas Realtors looking to gain publicity for their listings and capitalise on exposure at very competitive rates.

Texas Real Estate magazine really sells the best of Texas!

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