The great American dream of owning a Texas ranch lives on

When I was but a little boy my dad would tell me that every American wants a Texas ranch to live on. We lived in Austin at the time and I was not sure what he meant by it because I never thought there would be enough Texas ranches to go round.

Quite a few years have passed since those days and as luck would have it I have found myself working for the premier source for finding Texas real estate online. In view of this I have become a little bit of an authority on Texas ranches and Texas land and the reason they are so popular and my dad was right.

There is a need to escape the city and get closer to our roots which is peculiarly American and Texas land and its many ranches, in general, seem to meet it. There is something about it, perhaps the intimation of an untamed landscape that harks back to the days of our great country’s past or perhaps the simple sense of being able to commune with Nature without losing track of the fact that civilisation, supermarkets, high-speed internet connections and emails are all less than two hours’ drive away.

Working with Texas Real Estate magazine, over the last year I have seen demand in Texas Lake Properties and Texas hunting land go up more than three-fold because folks have began to realise that the great American dream of owning a Texas ranch is something that can be had without too much effort.

Despite increasing demand Texas land prices have remained amongst the most reasonable in the United States and the fact that this demand is not experiencing as much of a slowdown as other States is evidence of the depth of trust and the power that drives it all.

I guess if my dad was alive today he’d say an “I told you so”. He may not have been an astute real estate analyst but he was, in every respect, a true-blooded American and in that respect he knew exactly what every American wants to have.

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