Texas Hill Country properties lead the way in Texas Real Estate trends

Right now, across Texas, there is one subject of conversation which is guaranteed to make grown men hush and pay attention and that is what is happening on the Texas real estate scene.

Working for Texas Real Estate magazine does not give me a crystal ball into the future but because we see so many listings (10,000 each month at least) go through our hands we tend to get a pretty well informed overall picture about prices, trends, properties and the supply and demand equation.

Right now the Texas Hill Country is the litmus test. Realtors based in the Texas Hill Country are the first ones to face the brunt and feel the change in real estate demand precisely because the Texas Hill Country acts as a kind of microcosm for the rest of Texas. Its proximity to large metro centres makes it perfect for striking out as a holiday destination and the ideal place to buy a ranch, a homestead, a Texas lake property or a recreational property with hunting and fishing rights. The fact that the Texas Hill Country combines lakes, rivers and mountains as well as the more traditional flat plains, makes it easy to see why it, right now, acts as a litmus test for the Texas real estate scene as a whole.

The sheer variety of property types available in the Texas Hill Country as well as the different price ranges you can have creates a rich cross-section of real estate property types which, in their entirety, allow Texas Hill Country realtors to act almost as the vanguard of realtors across the State.

When demand for a certain type of property like a Texas lake property, for example, goes up in the Texas Hill Country it is soon reflected in increased demand right across the State. When supply in recreational properties begins to increase in the Texas Hill Country, again, it is soon seen as an increase across the State as a whole.

At the moment Texas Hill Country realtors are experiencing a slowdown but nothing that can be ascribed to anything more drastic than a monthly fluctuation. The same is felt across the State, but compared to Realtors in the rest of the country Texas Realtors are doing great and Texas Hill Country Realtors are doing equally well.

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