Texas Lake Properties hold their value

If you had the foresight to purchase a Texas Lake Property (TLP for short) before the newspaper headlines regarding the state of real estate became grim then the question you’ll be asking yourself right now is most likely to be: ‘What’s going to happen to the value of my property?’

There are a few basic rules regarding real estate values in general and Texas lake property real estate values in particular and they are driven by the remorseless supply and demand equation.

While it’s true that almost everyone in real estate at the moment has got a little nervous the demand for Texas lake properties is still there which means that with supply still not dropping off Texas lake properties have managed to hold their value both in terms of an investment property or a second home and in terms of sales for those currently offering one.

The reason why this should be so is governed by the three old real estate requirements regarding the value of any property: location, location, location. Texas real estate properties combine accessibility in terms of being within striking distance of a large urban centre, a sense of escape from it all by offering wide open spaces, quiet, a sense of peacefulness and the kind of view that can only come by being at a Texas lake and, of course, the fact that you step out of your own front door and walk down to the lake for some real R & R .

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