Why East Texas Hunting Properties?

For one reason, property values as a whole have not increased as significantly as other parts of the state. Finding that “right” property in North/East Texas may not be the economic challenge that other parts of the state sometimes provide. Texas Hunting land for instance has been a very hot commodity for several years now with demand outpacing availability in most of the well-known Texas hunting regions. This is especially true in the Texas Hill Country area as well as many other areas in Central and West Texas. Texas hunting land probably generates more interest than just about any property type as the state is blessed with an abundance of avid hunters for practically anything that is “in season”. Texas hunters should take the time to investigate more of the opportunities that exist in East Texas. While there are obvious differences in the types of hunting and techniques, some new opportunities are presented. For example East Texas has a very large population of Wild Hogs and in Texas, Wild Hogs are classified as a nongame animal. The only license required for hunting wild hog is a basic Texas hunting license. There is no bag limit on hunting wild hogs in Texas. Hunters can hunt wild hogs any month of the year, anytime during the day or night, and with any type of weapon.  Texas hunting land, give East Texas a look.

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