About Texas Real Estate Magazine

Texas Real Estate magazine is the premier regionally, formatted real estate magazine in Texas, focusing on ranches, farms, homes, lake property, and land for sale in west, central, hill country, north and east Texas, without ignoring commercial and domestic property in the booming Texas real estate market.

To accomplish this position in the marketplace amongst a large number of, so-called, regional publications has been no small feat. Texas Real Estate magazine has redefined what regional real estate advertising is and how it should work for both, those looking to purchase a recreational property, a lake property, a first home or even an investment property with some Texas hunting land and those involved in selling real estate in the land of Texas.

Using an unbeatable combination of print and web Texas Real Estate magazine delivers quality sales lead results to realtors, Mortgage Company’s and real estate related businesses month in and month out. Our print editions reach over 100,000 targeted readers each month and our website serves in excess of 150,000 pages a month to highly motivated Texas real estate buyers looking to make a purchase.

We invest heavily in new technologies and in a support-team that is dedicated to funneling to each of the realtors we work with the best possible prospective leads for Texas Real Estate. We achieve these results by identifying the buying trends of each market we serve and tailor our magazine and our website content to best reach that market. That is why Texas Real Estate magazine offers an advertising guarantee which no other comparable advertiser is prepared to do.

Here is Why Texas Real Estate magazine works:

  • People read our real estate magazine to purchase homes, ranches and businesses
  • Using a low cost paper and black and white printing format allows us to print far more magazines at a lower cost compared to others using partial or full color.
  • We developed an extensive distribution system that puts our free magazines in all of the counties that we cover, including the Metroplex. We did not rely on simply putting them out in real estate offices and hotel / motels like our competitors. We learned that in most areas these were some of the worst locations.
  • Our free real estate magazines are displayed in high traffic locations such as Wal-Marts, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, fast food businesses and hardware / hunting supply stores.
  • We keep our racks full, checking every location twice each month.
  • We mail copies of Texas Real Estate magazine to over 1,200 realtors, agents and brokers each month.
  • We created a top quality website, texasrealestatemagazine.com, that now generates over 150,000 hits per month with no additional cost to our advertisers.
  • Texas Real Estate magazine dedication to quality and efficiency makes our advertiser’s phones ring, constantly. View our testimonials.