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Brian Smith, an Accredited Land Consultant, Certified International Property Specialist, Broker/Associate, Ranch and Country Property Division, of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and his family on May 25, 2011 in Austin, were recognized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Sand County Foundation as land stewards who have shown exemplary efforts to manage their property as ambassadors of wildlife conservation and habitat management. The program is designed to educate landowners and the public and to encourage their participation. The Smith family received the 2011 Lone Star Land Steward Award for the conservation work done in the Post Oak Savannah ecosystem region of Texas on their Trinity Bluff Wildlife Ranch in Navarro County for wildlife habitat enhancement. Since 2002, when the Smiths acquired this 733 acre ranch nestled along the Trinity River, they have worked to transform overgrazed pastures into a diverse habitat of native bunch grasses and forbs, which provide substantial wildlife habitat. Removing livestock, prescribed burning, discing, mowing, and native seed planting are some of the methods used on the ranch to improve native plant diversity. Also, the Smiths have worked with the East Texas Wetlands Project and Ducks Unlimited to construct a 20-acre wetland in the Trinity River bottom that captures floodwaters and attracts waterfowl, wading birds and shorebirds. The Smiths are a prime example of land stewards that work with the land to improve plant and wildlife diversity, leading to overall ecosystem health. As a wildlife enthusiast, Brian Smith believes that rich land is rich with wildlife and his ranch serves as an example to other landowners how good stewardship practices can do just that. Being raised in the fifties and sixties, Smith grew up hunting, fishing and listening to coyotes by the campfire. Looking back, his Dad was so responsible for his love, appreciation and reverence for the great outdoors. This awareness and knowledge is something he has tried to pass along to his children and their friends. Many of our younger buyer clients have the same objective for their families, which is rewarding to see. Earning college degrees in Business and Earth Sciences, Smith worked offshore in the oil business as a drilling fluids engineer. Having a good understanding of minerals has been very beneficial to his clients when dealing in areas of mineral production. Later, Smith opened a sandwich shop, purchased race-bred quarter horses and started buying real estate; and 39 years later, the rest is history. Looking back, these life experiences have given him the knowledge, experience and confidence to properly represent his sellers and make sure buyer clients find the right property for their intended use while gaining their trust and building relationships. For more information, contact Mr. Smith at 972-588-8300 or email [email protected] Photos of property listings may be viewed at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is an Ebby Halliday company.


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