Texas Real Estate Magazine – Article Submission

Texas Real Estate magazine is the pre-eminent real estate magazine in Texas for rural recreational properties.


The focus of Texas Real Estate Magazine is on all aspects of Real Estate as a purchase, investment and development in the state of Texas. Accounts which are newsworthy because they indicate certain trends in the industry or are of importance because they reveal part of a greater picture. TREM is a regional publication presenting information to private individuals, business people and entrepreneurs throughout Texas. Its purpose is to shed light on the rural property, hunting and fishing land, ranches, lake properties and farmlands in Texas. We’re all part of a national economy but one where local knowledge is important.


We do not accept or publish any content for free. We are a for profit organization. If you desire to submit articles for possible publication on our website once your outline or article is approved one of our sales representatives will contact you to discuss rates and options for publishing your content.

If you desire to submit information to us for publication please submit all information and or questions to, [email protected].