I read a statistic the other day that absolutely stunned me. Facebook, the originally collegiate social network site founded by Mark Zuckerberg serves almost 54 billion pages each month and its users stay, on average, 14 minutes on the site.

Facebook recently made the news when Microsoft bought a 1.6 percent share in it for a whopping $240 million. Texas Real Estate magazine has only just recently added a forum to its website so we are not yet a social networking site though we are a growing community of like-minded people interested in sharing experiences, tips and advice relating to buying land in Texas, Texas lakefront properties and prime Texas Real Estate.

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Texas land has, traditionally, held an enduring appeal for Real Estate buyers looking to either purchase a Texas recreational property or a Texas lake home. It is no accident that Hollywood stars and US presidents also have a piece of Texas land they can get away to when they are not busy being in front of the camera or running the country.

To outsiders and out of State investors looking to buy some Texas land, Texas is a legend in its own right. The Lone Star State has always had a tradition of doing things differently. It has been the case with Real Estate too. In the land of Texas real estate is not so much a commodity to be bought and sold as a dream to be made real.

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The Lone Star State has always held an iconic status in the minds of Americans and, it seems, it’s an image that is also echoed by Brits, across the Atlantic, Australians, across the Pacific and quite possibly just about anyone who thinks of Texas.

Perhaps, it’s the enduring image of the Alamo, a bastion holding out against impossible ends to a bitter end, or the fact that Texas, the Rio Grande and cowboy films have created an enduring PR-wave that promotes and perpetuates an image that is part-truth and part legend.

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If you had the foresight to purchase a Texas Lake Property (TLP for short) before the newspaper headlines regarding the state of real estate became grim then the question you’ll be asking yourself right now is most likely to be: ‘What’s going to happen to the value of my property?’

There are a few basic rules regarding real estate values in general and Texas lake property real estate values in particular and they are driven by the remorseless supply and demand equation.

While it’s true that almost everyone in real estate at the moment has got a little nervous the demand for Texas lake properties is still there which means that with supply still not dropping off Texas lake properties have managed to hold their value both in terms of an investment property or a second home and in terms of sales for those currently offering one.

The reason why this should be so is governed by the three old real estate requirements regarding the value of any property: location, location, location. Texas real estate properties combine accessibility in terms of being within striking distance of a large urban centre, a sense of escape from it all by offering wide open spaces, quiet, a sense of peacefulness and the kind of view that can only come by being at a Texas lake and, of course, the fact that you step out of your own front door and walk down to the lake for some real R & R .

If you’re not sure which is your favourite Texas lake destination or if you have been somewhere on holiday and you want to know more about the area try the Texas Lake Finder.

For an idea on prices on a top quality Texas lake property use our site search.

And if you need some help in choosing the perfect Texas lake property then check out our guide on Tips On Choosing The Perfect Texas Lake Property.

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Right now, across Texas, there is one subject of conversation which is guaranteed to make grown men hush and pay attention and that is what is happening on the Texas real estate scene.

Working for Texas Real Estate magazine does not give me a crystal ball into the future but because we see so many listings (10,000 each month at least) go through our hands we tend to get a pretty well informed overall picture about prices, trends, properties and the supply and demand equation.

Right now the Texas Hill Country is the litmus test. Realtors based in the Texas Hill Country are the first ones to face the brunt and feel the change in real estate demand precisely because the Texas Hill Country acts as a kind of microcosm for the rest of Texas. Its proximity to large metro centres makes it perfect for striking out as a holiday destination and the ideal place to buy a ranch, a homestead, a Texas lake property or a recreational property with hunting and fishing rights. The fact that the Texas Hill Country combines lakes, rivers and mountains as well as the more traditional flat plains, makes it easy to see why it, right now, acts as a litmus test for the Texas real estate scene as a whole.

The sheer variety of property types available in the Texas Hill Country as well as the different price ranges you can have creates a rich cross-section of real estate property types which, in their entirety, allow Texas Hill Country realtors to act almost as the vanguard of realtors across the State.

When demand for a certain type of property like a Texas lake property, for example, goes up in the Texas Hill Country it is soon reflected in increased demand right across the State. When supply in recreational properties begins to increase in the Texas Hill Country, again, it is soon seen as an increase across the State as a whole.

At the moment Texas Hill Country realtors are experiencing a slowdown but nothing that can be ascribed to anything more drastic than a monthly fluctuation. The same is felt across the State, but compared to Realtors in the rest of the country Texas Realtors are doing great and Texas Hill Country Realtors are doing equally well.

Stay informed about the Real Estate scene in Texas – subscribe to our two Texas Real Estate editions and keep ahead of the pack.

Texas Hill Country properties used to be the kind of thing that Texas Realtors looked for in order to add depth to their portfolio but knew it would be slow to move and not easy to sell.

The area commanded little interest in terms of buyers, mainly because it was a holiday spot primarily rather than a hot property destination. The reason it changed may have a lot to do with the holidaymakers out of Austin who look for somewhere to unwind that combines the possibilities of mountains, lakes or rivers but is near enough the city to make ‘roughing it’ fun.

The Texas Hill Country more than just fits the bill. Within an easily accessible geographic area you find just about everything you want. Are you looking for a Texas Lake Property? No problem. Are you in the market for a Texas Ranch? The Hill Country has the key. Are you looking for Texas hunting land? The Texas Hill Country has got that covered.

Holidays taken in the area, have, over the years built up a layer of happy memories that’s hard to shake and it has resulted in an influx of real estate buyers coming into the Texas Hill Country looking for specific properties to buy.

This is great news if you are selling property in the Texas Hill Country or are looking to buy as a means of investing. Obviously the great Texas land rush in the Hill Country is only just beginning.

In a relatively short time, as these things go Texas Real Estate magazine has become the pre-eminent online resource for finding real estate in the Texas Hill Country, Texas Lake properties and Texas recreational properties.

There are a number of reasons this has come about not least the fact that we are all passionate about Texas and real estate and the very fact that we are involved in it at this level makes for a really interesting time.

We get to see Texas recreational properties and their prices before the come into the market and because Texas Real Estate magazine lists, each month, over 10,000 Texas properties we also find out what the price trends are in the Texas Real Estate, which areas are hot and up and coming and which are reaching a state of saturation.

In many respects Texas Real Estate magazine is like a weather vane in real estate and it is used by many Realtors as a way to establish guidelines in property values within an area. The very fact that within our website or any of our two subscription publications you have an incredibly detailed coverage of the lands of Texas and property prices across a broad area of property types helps you tap into a vast property resource in anything that has to do with real estate in Texas.

If you are looking to sell a property in Texas this becomes one of your best guides for establishing guidelines regarding price and if you are looking to purchase a property in Texas or even some Texas land with hunting or fishing rights attached then either of our two Texas Real Estate editions becomes your instant labour-saving device, allowing you to find the correct property for your needs, fast, without too much hassle.

It is our motto that we ‘sell the best of Texas’ and the properties we list are certainly of premium value and many represent excellent investment. It is this diversity and range in the properties listed in our website and two paper editions that make us unrivalled in the depth and breadth of quality Texas properties we serve.

Because of the appeal and popularity of our website and magazines we are also a magnet for Texas Realtors looking to gain publicity for their listings and capitalise on exposure at very competitive rates.

Texas Real Estate magazine really sells the best of Texas!

When I was but a little boy my dad would tell me that every American wants a Texas ranch to live on. We lived in Austin at the time and I was not sure what he meant by it because I never thought there would be enough Texas ranches to go round.

Quite a few years have passed since those days and as luck would have it I have found myself working for the premier source for finding Texas real estate online. In view of this I have become a little bit of an authority on Texas ranches and Texas land and the reason they are so popular and my dad was right.

There is a need to escape the city and get closer to our roots which is peculiarly American and Texas land and its many ranches, in general, seem to meet it. There is something about it, perhaps the intimation of an untamed landscape that harks back to the days of our great country’s past or perhaps the simple sense of being able to commune with Nature without losing track of the fact that civilisation, supermarkets, high-speed internet connections and emails are all less than two hours’ drive away.

Working with Texas Real Estate magazine, over the last year I have seen demand in Texas Lake Properties and Texas hunting land go up more than three-fold because folks have began to realise that the great American dream of owning a Texas ranch is something that can be had without too much effort.

Despite increasing demand Texas land prices have remained amongst the most reasonable in the United States and the fact that this demand is not experiencing as much of a slowdown as other States is evidence of the depth of trust and the power that drives it all.

I guess if my dad was alive today he’d say an “I told you so”. He may not have been an astute real estate analyst but he was, in every respect, a true-blooded American and in that respect he knew exactly what every American wants to have.

There is one serious downside working for Texas Real Estate magazine, and that is that the moment I am out with my family and let the fact slip out I am surrounded by diners, friends and friends of friends eager to pump for advice.

Real Estate, these days is a hot topic, and none is hotter than Texas Real Estate which, in terms of investment performance, has managed to perform significantly above average and against the downward trend we have experienced in the rest of the country.

Which makes it all the more worthwhile to actually check out why. Why should Texas be so different? OK, flippant answer here of course (and the question sometimes begs it) is that as the Lone Star State is the best place in the world to buy a house, make your home, find a recreational property, own a ranch, run a farm, buy a hunting property to entertain big wheel City friends and, generally, is for many the epitome of the American Dream, then it should come as no surprise that Texas Realtors have seen little slowdown in their business.

My flippant answers, as it happens, is not far from the truth. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and none is this more so than in real estate. And if you are looking for the kind of property that provides it all: hill country, rivers, lakes, flat land, recreational capability, hunting, investment potential and the ability to have a ranch or a farm which the likes the rest of the world can only dream about then Texas land in general and the Texas Hill Country in particular offer all of these.

It is because of all these factors, really, that interest in Texas Real Estate has rarely slowed down. It is because of all these factors as well that interest in Texas land tends to be more genuine than in the rest of the country and thus not readily given to trends and fads. Sure, out of State investors and Texas land buyers are always there and eager to find bargains to snap up in the books of Texas Realtors, but what really keeps the Texas real estate market afloat and buoyant is the fact that there are many genuine home buyers and land buyers interested in buying a home first and an investment property second.

To them what really matters is the fact that the Texas land they buy is right for their needs and the needs of their families and that is what is really important.

All of which brings me neatly to the point that working for Texas Real Estate magazine I work, in many respects, in the very heart of real estate in Texas. Seeing what Texas land, for instance, come sup for sale, where, at what prices, allows me to become instantly aware of trends and runs in the Texas real estate market long before they become evident to the casual observer.

There is, at the moment, for example, tremendous interest in Texas Hill Country properties and Texas Lake properties and this is backed with the many, many holiday makers coming out of San Antonio and Austin who spend year after year having a great time with their families in Texas Lakes or the Texas Hill Country attractions and then think seriously about buying a second property in the area or even, selling up a city home and moving somewhere a little more rural in pursuit of a better quality of life.

This is why a subscription to one or both of the Texas Real Estate magazine editions covering the latest real estate in almost all of Texas is invaluable. At a glance you can see what is happening to property prices and Texas land values and you can then make better decisions regarding your own Texas real estate interest. Beyond that, if you already own some Texas land, you can appraise the trends that govern its value, you can see what is happening in your area in terms of interest and you can keep an eye on your investment and the equity stores up in your real estate.

More than that, Texas Real Estate magazine also lets you discover Texas Realtors in most parts of Texas where quality real estate is of importance and peripheral companies which range from mortgage providers to moving companies, all for less than you might expect to fork out during an evening in the town with friends.

Is that good value? You bet it is, but then so is just about everything associated with Texas Real Estate and Texas Real Estate Magazine!